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The legendary Eight Ganesh Idols formed through forces of Nature are still a marvel as thousands flock every year to see the nature. Vinayaka, another name for Lord Ganesha, eight effigies have been found, and these form the Ashta Vinayaka, an octet of eight temples formed around these idols. All these are within 120 km from Pune.

Morgaon: The foremost temple of the Ashtavinayka is Mayureshwar, the one in Morgaon about 65 km from Pune on Pune-Baramati Road. Morya Gosavi built this in the 14th century

Ranjangaon: About 70 km from Pune on Pune-Nagar Road, Lord Ganesha is known as Mahaganapati because of its huge size as it has ten trunks and twenty arms.

Siddhatek: Situated near Daund, this place is about 99 km from Pune off Pune-Solapur Road.

25 km off Pune-Solapur Road, situated near Uruli Knchan.

Pali: 110 km from Khopoli.

Mahad: 87 km near Khopoli, off Pune-Mumbai Road.

Ozar: Lord Ganesha here is worshipped in his incarnation as  'Vigneshwara' or the remover of obstacles. Around 85 km near Narayangaon, off Pune-Nashik Road, this place is famous for its garland of lights or deep mala.

Lenyadri: This temple around 97 km, near Ozar is situated on the banks of river Kukdi. It's said that Parvati spent time here in penance and gave birth to Ganesha