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Tourist Attractions

A ridge separates the twin forts of Lohegadh and Visapur at 1350m with a km between them. Lohagadh was Shivaji's stronghold during his reign. 

A local from Pune takes you there; you have to get down at Malavli, the nearest rail head (10 kms away) which takes roughly an hour or so. A waterfall in the trek to Lohagad is the highlight of the trek. A number of mischievous monkeys can create trouble so watch out.

Though not much remains of the fort, the trek to the top is still worth it. While Visapur might be right next to it, there is not much to see! Dating back to the 1700s, visiting these forts (one kilometer apart), which were taken and lost by Shivaji, makes for a strenuous hike.

The Bhaja caves , situated in Bhaja village, are nearby and it is a 4 kilometer walk from Lohagad to these caves and so also from Lohagad to the main road. The nearest railhead is Malvali, 10 kilometers away.