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The summer capital of the Bombay presidency, the little town of Mahabaleshwar, situated 1372 ft above sea level, was founded in 1828 and is the highest point in the Western Ghats. A relaxing place to diddle away a weekend and an ideal destination in summer. A typical colonial town, in spirit closer to Blighty than Maratha land, with plenty of bridle paths, boating and golf facilities, fishing spots and trekking trails. The town is full of lookout points (Bombay Point, Elphinstone Point, Babington Point, Kate's Point) that provide fetching views of the plains and the sea hundreds of feet below.There are also some pretty waterfalls to visit. By far the best pastime to engage in -- eating strawberries.

The town's strawberries are probably the tastiest in the world. Rummaging around all the old British buildings and cemeteries makes an interesting diversion too. An evergreen vast plateau with long beautiful roads, horse rides & foot paths along forest, the must tries are honey & chikki, channas, and the juicy strawberries, rasberries, gooseberries & mulberries.

Established as a health resort in 1829 AD by Maharaja Pratapsinha of Satara (1818 to 1839), it was a jail for Chinese & Malay convicts from 1834 to 1864. Many of the prisoners stayed at Mahabaleshwar after they were released.  The jungle of Mahabaleshwar produces many commercial as well as medicinal trees & plants.

The wild life is limited to foxes, jackals, & wild boars. Deers & bisons are found in the Brahma aranya area. Panthers are rare. The famous bird in the Urdu poetry, Bulbul is found everywhere in the plateau. The best times to visit this hill station are October, Diwali & X'mas holidays & summer.

Hotels are open round the year even during the rainy seasons. Besides some of the fun things that one can do if you are tired of being cooped indoors is visit the Sir B. D. Petit library, play at the Hindu Gymkhana or the Mahabaleshwar Club.

Horse riding, photography, walking, bird watching and boating in the famous Venna Lake are various interesting options! With a vast number of points, the famous Wilson's Point, Arthur's Seat, Sunset Point and the Lover's Point remain must visits for the first timers!  A gujju thali at Hotel Rajesh or even a stay at the Valley View Resort, Belmont Park Hill Resort or Lake View is definitely recommended by those who have frequented this place!

Most hotels are closed during the monsoons, an off-season period when Mahabaleshwar is inundated with 6 meters of rain.

Getting There :

Mahabaleshwar is easily accessible from Pune by road and is a 3-hour drive and 120 kilometers northeast of Pune. The MTDC runs luxury buses to Mahabaleshwar regularly from Pune.  4500 feet above sea level, Mahabaleshwar is easily accessible only by road .