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Discovered by an Englishman, this hilltop retreat around 120 kms from Pune, is a green patch in the Western Ghats. Matheran, which means, "wooded head" certainly lives up to its name. There are numerous tracks covered with red earth, crisscrossing this beautiful place. Walking along these tracks, covered almost entirely under a canopy of dense vegetation, can be a charming experience.

This is one of the few retreats where your cars are not allowed beyond a certain point where you can safely park your cars for Rs.10 a day, and you could explore this hill-station on foot or on horseback.

This quaint, old-fashioned town is off limits to cars and a cute toy train up the hillside (grab a window seat) is one way of getting here! Ideal for a weekend break, this hill station closest to Mumbai still has stone villas, graveyards and churches that remind you of the bygone Raj days even today!

Life here, like most other hill stations moves at a leisurely pace. With a beautiful lake with 30 vantage points, you could also spend time strolling down the lazy main market, or wait for the sun to crawl down horizon at the sunset point.

On a clear night you can count a few million stars while listening to an orchestra of crickets and other insects. Though the local population of Matheran is very less the visitors pour at this place frequently.

The best season to visit this place is between November to June but the place is worth visiting any time of the year.During the monsoon the trails become very dirty and the place virtually shuts down.