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Easily the most popular getaway, not withstanding that it's much closer than the other forts, the Pashan lake and the lovely drive makes it a much adored and a desired picnic and getaway spot. The Lion Fort, as it would quite literally translate into, is located 25 kilometers South of Pune perched on a steep hill. Once known as Kondhana, the proximity of this fort to Pune has been commercialized to quite an extent. Buses are available from the Sarasbaug Bus Stand, which drop you till the foothill.

However, a bike or a car should be preferred to feel the breezy drive and the beautiful landscape

This 17th century fort has mostly fallen to ruin, but it is possible to literally walk backwards in history and recreate the scenes of the fierce battle fought by Shivaji's General Tanaji Malasure who died during the battle, to win the fort for Shivaji with the help of the monuments and signboards posted in the area. They have even created a monument at the spot where Tanaji lost his arm.

On the grounds too is a memorial or samadhi to the slain leader. It is said that when Shivaji learned that his general had been killed in the battle he mourned, " We have gained the fort but lost the lion" and it is thus that the fort got its name. Also of interest nearby are the bungalows where Lokmanya Gangadhar Tilak and Mahatma Gandhi met in 1915. The story of his climb to the fort from the back with the help of a chameleon and then getting his army to the top is still the guide's favorite one.

The bhaji's and dahi wati at the top are a crowd favorite. Also, we recommend that you try out the pithla-bhakri and the rustic chicken curry. Sundays here are busy with picnic groups, trekkers and tourists.

Getting There:
Sinhagad can be accessed by the S.T. and P.C.M.T buses. Alight at village Donaje and climb 2000 ft. to enter by the Pune gate. A well marked path-partly in steps -takes one to the top, through a series of gates. An alternative route is also up the ridge through the forests and leading right upto the fort. The shortest ascent -only 1200 ft. is from Kalyan Darwaza, reached by taking a bus to Kondhanapur,from where the village of Kalyan is only 3 miles away.