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Tourist Attractions

One of the highest forts in Maharashtra, this fort was Shivaji's first major conquest. He rebuilt it by repairs and made it his base. Shivaji had apparently abandoned this fort for Raigadh after finding it to be vulnerable due to its open summit. This fort offers a lot for trekkers, as it has one of the most exciting treks.

A two-hour bus ride from Swargate will take you to Velha village, where the imposing fort rises out of the outskirts of this village!

Not a fort for everyone, this trek needs to be attempted only for true-blue trekkers, as the fort does not offer any shelter or food! Though what it does make good for is the fantastic viewing of the surrounding forts! A true blue biker's diary reads, "Sunset is beautiful. The view from the top towards Rajgadh is awesome. Climb is dangerous. Almost vertical at times. Biking was great, lots of climbs and down hills."